Rees Tulloss

Custom Handcrafted Furniture - Furniture Page


Since 1990
I have been designing and building custom free-standing and built-in furniture. My work incorporates domestic and exotic hardwoods & veneers, inlay, stone, and tile

I specialize in

  • Design and construction of one-of-a-kind and limited production custom work.
  • Workstations & Built-ins.
  • Furniture repairs, reupholstery and refinishing.


  • Knife and tool sharpening. This seems to be service that is harder and harder to find these days! Sharpening goes hand-in-hand with woodworking, so I've got all sorts of grinders and stones to give just about anything a nice sharp edge.
  • Studio photography. In order to get photos of my work, I've got a seamless backdrop and good flash equiptment. I'm not a professional photographer, but I can usually help out a fellow artist who needs a few photos!

On this page
You will find a few examples of my work. Also, please use the link above to see pieces that are currently available.


Upholstered Dining Chair

Lingerie Chest
Mahogany & Wenge
with handcrafted drawer pulls

Coffee Table
Walnut, Maple, glass

Side Table

Upholstered Bench

Coffee Table
Cherry, handcrafted tile

Set of Chairs

Jewelry Box
Mahogany, Walnut, Maple


Dining Table

Study Workstation
Maple, Birch, Pearwood